Oktoberfest Chicken Recipe

Oktoberfest Chicken

Ingredients for the Oktoberfest chicken

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Step-by-step instructions for the Oktoberfest chicken

Step 1  Preheat your oven to 175°C / 350°F.

Step 2  Melt the butter, either in a small saucepan on your stove or in your microwave. Set aside to cool once melted.

Step 3  Wash the whole chicken, remove any innards and pat it dry with paper towels.

Oktoberfest Chicken

Step 4  Use a food brush to brush the chicken with the melted butter on all sides. Then sprinkle the salt, pepper and paprika spices onto the buttery skin of the chicken.

Oktoberfest Chicken

Step 5  Roll up four pieces of aluminum foil and place them inside a cast iron skillet.

Oktoberfest Chicken

Step 6  Place the seasoned chicken on top of the aluminum rolls. This will allow the juices to collect at the bottom of the skillet while the chicken gets and stays crispy. Use oven gloves from here on out when you handle the skillet and move it into or out of your hot oven!

Oktoberfest Chicken

Step 7  Bake the chicken in your oven breast side down for 45 mins. Then take the skillet out of your oven wearing oven gloves, turn the chicken over once, and bake it breast side up for another 45 mins.

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