Becoming a Christian

This prayer is a simple conversation between you and the loving God who created you. You can just say this out loud right now, or say it quietly in your heart. It is literally as simple as that — invite Jesus Christ into your heart and begin your journey as a Christian at this moment. If you call on His name, God will hear you!

I admit that I am a sinner.
And I am sorry for my sin.
I believe in Jesus Christ,
that He is the Son of God,
and that He came from heaven to earth.
I believe He died for me on the Cross to forgive my sin,
and that He rose again to give me life.
At this moment, I turn from my past,
and I turn to Jesus as my savior
to receive this new life.
This day is my new beginning
where I want Jesus to be my Lord.
Show me how. Help me.
It is in His name I pray. Amen.

Any local church would be happy to engage with you and help walk alongside you as you strengthen and explore your newfound faith. Just type "churches near me" into Google or the maps app on your phone to find one that is closest to you.

If we do not meet before, I look forward to hugging you in Heaven one day!